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Cheri Swalwell - Spoken From the Heart:  Matt. 19:26
This website was designed  to help inspire and encourage women in all areas of life.  Maintaining a balance between relationships, responsibilities, and oftentimes a career is one of the most challenging aspects of a woman's life in today's world.  My desire is to help women connect with others sharing the same life stage, encourage those who are trying to balance it all, and have fun while doing it.   So sit back, relax, and let's chat.

Thank you for visiting my website.  You can connect with me through my blog at the above link or like me on Facebook at: I share my blog, book reviews, and lots more.  
Feel free to connect on Twitter at Cheri Swalwell or Linked In at Cheri Swalwell as well. 
If you want to email, is how to connect. Can't wait to meet you.  
                                 I would love to chat with you through comments or email so we can interact as we walk through this journey of life. 
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